Roland CY-5 Dual Zone Cymbal with Clamp Mount and Lead

Here follows a personal message from RHYS COLES

Dear Elfster,

This is the item I want – and the great news for you, is that I have already purchased it!! I know!! Crazy huh?!

Usually, I never know what to put on my Christmas wish list, but then I wondered if I could get a cymbal to add to my electronic drum kit. This happens to be an expensive item, so I decided to have a quick browse on Ebay on the off-chance.

Imagine my surprise when instantly, at the very top of the search, was the very thing I wanted!! Not only that, but it comes complete with ALL necessary accessories for an incredible £44! (plus £3 post & packaging).

To explain just how fricken cool that is, check out the RRPs…

  • Roland Cymbal £79
  • Roland cymbal stand and clamp £65
  • Roland cymbal felts and wing nut £9
  • Roland cable £10

TOTAL: £163
TOTAL savings: a WHOPPING £116!!

So, apologies if buying me a gift was one of the highlights of your year, but the opportunity was there and I couldn’t resist.

Whoever you are, dear Elfster, not only have you given me a truly excellent Christmas present – one that I will want to PLAY with on Christmas Day – but it’s also the bargain of the year!

When the item arrives, I will hand it over to Claire who will wrap it on your behalf and hide it somewhere in the house so that I won’t be able to find it (well, she can try!).

Rhys xxx